Monday, January 28, 2008


My 180's have really dried up recently. It is not through lack of trying and near misses, but this practice shot took the biscuit! The first two darts went exactly where I aimed them, but the third dart seemed to hit the Treble wire and take both flights off the other two as it bounced out and fell to the floor.

The stem on the lower dart seems to have lost it's grip on the flights and is due for replacing, but it was still an incredible fluke to lose both flights on the shot.


Zeeple said...

Tommo, tough luck on the bounce out. How re you liking the Magnums? How would you characterize the knurling on them? Slippery? Aggressive? I am thinking about getting some.

Tommo said...

Hi Zeeple. I'll post a close up of the knurling very soon. Probably a little on the slippy side, but no problem at all once the hands become slightly sweaty. I only have problems if my hands are particularly dry, like after being in rare contact with soap :o) One thing which may put you off is that my set are probably "seconds / rejects" ; the circular grooves are not consistent across all three darts, and this is probably why they were given away as a gift at the end of the Barbados thing this year. The picture will show this. The knurling is in a diamond pattern.