Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chelmsford 8 – 2 Shotley

We played well as a team to get these 8 points. Shotley seemed to be slightly weaker than last week, with at least one of their key players missing. Still, as predicted all of the games were closer than the score suggests, and it was the finishing which was the difference.

We again won the opening 1001X team game, but this time it was far closer, with both teams seeming to average just 50 or so per shot as we both took our time to settle into the game.

Shotley’s 17 year old player gained more of the experience he needs and won his Singles game. Their only other point came in their Doubles game against myself and Mark H.

I was really pleased to keep my nerve and win my Singles game though. I was again playing against the darts and my opponent’s first shot was a 140. I replied with two tons, an 80+ and a 70+ to leave me approaching my finish. I missed a D20 opportunity before winning the game with a 4 finish (S2, D1). This was definitely a game I would have lost last season, and sometimes it seems better to come from behind rather than set the pace. I’m sure this doesn’t matter for the better players who just “play the board” though.

We have a break next Tuesday for the Doubles competition which Roger and I are still in. I’ll need to do some focussed practice this week, as we could be up against some of the top players in the league and we were lucky to get through the first round.


Anonymous said...

Hi simon, well done last night ,we have also started back after the xmas break with a cup win last week to get into the semis and just getting beat 5-4 by the top team on monday.I managed to beata county player 2-0 so was well chuffed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry simon I sent that last comment, cheers Les

Tommo said...

Great to hear from you Les, and I hope you're both well. Keep me posted about your cup competition and I hope you can get to the finals. Roger and I don't stand much chance of getting that far, but I just want to go one round further on Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

Ease off on the practise its domino doubles next week, alan from the derwentside

Tommo said...

Cheers Alan. I found this out in Tesco of all places tonight - I spoke to Tim from the Cricketers :o0

Anonymous said...

Good job Tommo. It's a sign of good confidence to win against the start when your opponent opens with a big score.