Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stanley Masons 2 - 8 Chelmsford

Pictured : Practice darts

Yet more valuable points for us on our travels tonight at The Stanley Masons. The scoreline may flatter us on a night where the teams were both evenly matched, but we have become accustomed to sinking the doubles and nabbing the points this season. Not a problem!

I had a slightly uncomfortable time on the oche tonight, but dear me these new darts of mine seem to find their way into the doubles. I finished on 32 in my Doubles game with Alan P (D8, D8), and then 65 in my Singles game (25, D20). Whenever I have problems building scores the doubles seem to go well, and vice versa. No Man Of The Match this week - we just played a good game as a team.

Good hospitality from the Masons as always, and they'll be keen to turn this one around in the return match next Tuesday. Special mention to the Masons' choice of music during the game. Just hearing "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC was a treat, even if it was not the Bon Scott version :o)


les said...

good win for you , pity england didn't play like a team instead of a bunch of headless chickens,still look on the bright side the boro are still in the fa cup !!!!! arn't they ?

Tommo said...

Hi Les - great to hear from you. I've jJust been looking at the Barbados photos Karen sent. It seems like a lot longer than 2 weeks ago as I sit and watch the rain on the windows.

England played the worst I've seen them play for absolutely ages. Surely we can feel proud that it was an ex Boro manager took the national team to a whole new level :o)

Anonymous said...

Good job on the doubles Tommo. I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your trip. It's also getting colder and more rainy here in New Jersey. The idea of a nice warm place for a vacation is sounding good.