Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barbados 26/10/2007 : The Warrens Motors Mens Pairs

Pictured : Scum like me and Les - in Barbados!

We played our first competition of the holiday at the Almond Bay venue. My girlfriend Debs had the sternest possible of tests in her Ladies Singles game against Bajan Eloise. Debs hit a nice 123 (T20, T20, T1) and pushed all the way before going out 2-0 in the first round.

My doubles partner Les and I fared no better, losing by the same score, but we both played a strong game with chances to hit winning doubles in both games. In what must be a “first” for me I hit three consecutive tons, but all to no avail as Skinner and his new doubles partner finished in style (Bull finish on the last dart).

Janice seemed to get the furthest of all of us, and told me to mention her superb 65 finish on the blog!


les said...

Not a bad photo of the two scum bags but the girls need the air brush !!!!!!!!

Tommo said...

Air brush? I was on Paint Shop Pro all night getting rid of Deb's facial hair. I had to use a picture of Tom Sellick to make an inverse mask!

She's getting broadband on Monday and will be furious when she reads this!

Great to hear from you Les. Look after yourself and keep in touch. Up the Boro, pass me a Parmo, and who'd have thought that scum like us would ever get on the information super highway?