Friday, January 11, 2013

Derwentside 2 - 8 Chelmsford

Practice darts at The Derwentside

The Darts are back on following the Christmas break. On 18th December we progressed to the last four of the Team Cup with a 4-1 win over Shotley Club B. We threw well on the night, winning 3-0 at the darts and drawing 1-1 in the dominoes. Disappointment for Shotley, who started every leg of theses Double Start / Double Finish games in the first throw, but couldn't take advantage of a few missed attempts to start by us in the second and third legs.

On Tuesday night we had a great result up at The Derwentside. Good scoring in patches plus very solid finishing really paid dividends for us. I don't remember any poor finishing in any of the 10 games, and Alan from The Derwentside was extremely unlucky to miss a 167 check-out by millimetres on the last dart. His doubles partner in that game however won the game on the next visit with a S9, D8 finish.

Peter was our Man Of The Match, hitting three of our eight winning doubles as well good scoring all evening. We played in their front Bar, but Mark mentioned they may play the rest of the season in the upstairs area. Either is fine by me - both options give you a room set aside for the darts and the throw is great.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, sorry to correct you, but after missing that big checkout (which I was gutted about)Ian (my doubles partner in that game)closed the game out with the next visit with a 9 D8 finish. I read the blog weekly, and you seem to report poor finishing as being your teams downfall this season. I thought on the night, you all seemed to score a few points higher than us in most legs, and finished them within 4 or 5 darts. Looking forward to the return after the singles KO first round next week, and hoping to pick up a few more points. Alan (Derwentside)

Tommo said...

Hi Alan, good to hear from you. Thanks for the correction and the text is now amended. I don't know where I got the spoiled 25 from!