Sunday, October 07, 2012

Team Cup : Chelmsford 4 - 2 Leadgate Cricketers

We played in the first round of the Team Cup competition on Tuesday. We started really well with a good win in the first of the three 1001 Double Start, Double Finish team games. The games in this competition alternate between these darts games and Singles Dominoes games, with the points from each being of equal importance.

By winning the first dominoes game we took a 2-0 lead, but from that point our darts weren't as good as those of Leadgate Cricket Club. We had trouble getting the all important starting double, but even after staring our scores weren't as high as theirs.

We lost the next two darts games, but thankfully our dominoes players came to the rescue, wining all three of their games. Despite losing the darts 1-2 the 3-0 score in the dominoes gave us a 4-2 overall victory.


Anonymous said...

the wheatsheaf beat tat shotley a 4.3 a sudden leg darts match lol

Tommo said...

Heh, you've gotta love this competition for the "double start" nerves and the dreaded play-off games :o)