Friday, September 14, 2012

Chelmsford 1 - 9 Blackhill Club

Bracken : Still bored with darts!

Blackhill Club were never forced to play their A game on Tuesday, and we made the cardinal sin of missing the small number of shots at doubles that came our way. We seemed to be heading to the dreaded "whitewash" until Michael won the penultimate point of the night in his Singles game. That gets him the Man Of The Match for us because it has saved me having to write about anoter absolute drubbing on here!

Alan gets a Brownie Point for his "Baby Ton Eighty" shot of 177 to leave him 42. That leaves an inviting target of either Single 10 or the adjacent Single 6 on the next throw, but it wasn't to be despite this strong finish to his game.

Davey Gill seemed to be getting some consistently high scores for them, with his team mates always seeming to get far more of the ton plus shots. For us though it just seemed to be getting the odd good shot here and there, and we didn't score well enough to win points.

Two very enjoyable games against the Blackhill Club crew as always though. If we can tighten up on the end game we should be OK, and we have a larger squad of players than last season.

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