Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friendly - Duke 4 - 5 Chelmsford

Many thanks to Ellen and Angela for providing the transport last night - it was much appreciated.

I thought we did really well last night. We were without two of our best players and The Duke Of Wellington players were frequently finding the T20 in the pre-match practice throws. Thankfully our finishing in the games was fairly good and we managed to nab a few early points to settle us.

They have a very well illuminated Blade 4 board and the throw is excellent. It is the first time I've been in The Duke Of Wellington and it has a very welcoming feel to it.

We lost the dominoes 2-1, with our point coming from Ellen. There will be a return match next Tuesday night at the Chelmsford and I assume we will play the same format of 1 x Team, 2 x Trebles, and 6 x Singles games, which is slightly different from our League's format.

2 comments: said...

Does the dog play? He looks rather bored!

Chelmsford Taxis

Tommo said...

Bracken tends to take cover when the darts are flying! Check out next week's picture to see if his demenour has improved ;o)