Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chopwell Central 8 - 2 Chelmsford

We had a very disappointing points return from the efforts we put into our last game of the season at Chopwell Central on Tuesday night. We played a better game than the previous week, but Chopwell always seemed to edge us out of the games with their finishing. When we were in the lead they'd hit a big finish. When they were in the lead they allowed us to get close before finishing the game themselves.

Kris and I won a doubles point and our Man Of The Match Michael struck a great 64 finish, taking it out well in his own way. We can't feel too disappointed with this performance, which would have seen us winning against several other teams - it's just a pity it looks like a pasting.

We have a tied Player Of The Season this year with both Peter and Alan tied on 40 Brownie Points each. No one else even made it to the 30 mark, so it shows how well they have played.  I will tie break it with "total 180's scored" and if needs be "4 point games". I don't know who that favours, but I'll do my research and announce the result soon!

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