Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Derwentside 3 - 7 Chelmsford

A good start for us saw us forge a win against The Derwentside last night. We took a 0-4 lead by winning the opening team game and all three of the Doubles games. From that point the Singles games were evenly shared, so the importance of the strong start was evident.

We had the use of their concert room upstairs which I think worked better than playing in the downstairs side bar. Great hospitality as always and a choice of two cask conditioned ales including their excellent "Blonde".

Peter was our Man Of The Match with three winning doubles, including a well taken 66 finish in his Singles game which (I think) was  T10, S18, D9. Four Brownie Points to him then, and at this stage in the season it seems only Peter himself and Alan can win this blog's Player Of The Season trophy. There are just two points between them, and they're 10 points clear of the chasing pack.

We look forward to seeing The Derwentside team back at The Chelmsford for the return game - it'll be close.


Anonymous said...

You must be top of the league Simon as I can't recall many losses this year. Back in the UK in 2 weeks.....I'll bring my brolly.

Cheers Les

Tommo said...

Hi Les, I'm afraid we're not even doing as "well" as Boro in the league! Maybe Watford would be about right. Mind you, we've piled some points on very recently so the next league update may show good progress for us.

Yes, do bring your brolly. I can't imagine were all these towns are that have hose pipe bans - I think they're taking the mickey to be honest :o)