Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jolly Drovers 2 - 8 Chelmsford

The dartboard pictures are back!

The game started off far closer than the final score implies. We trailed throughout the opening team game and considered ourselves lucky when Kris sank the D4 to pinch the point. The Doubles games also were close affairs, as The Jollies brought it back to 2-2.

The six Singles games were a different matter though. We had started to score well and settle on their board, and although most of our finishes on the night were shots at low doubles we played a very strong game and won all 6 of the Singles points.

I'll give Kris Man Of The Match for his important finish on the opening game in which we struggled as well as a great 74 finish in a game against their strongest payer on the night (Paul). Forgive me for a quick humble mention to my 180 followed by a 135 too!

We now have two weeks away from the League. The Chelmsford will be the neutral host of the Team Cup competition semi final on 3rd April and there will be a Race Night at Chopwell Central on 10th April.

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