Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Shepherds Progress

Signals like this did not help us in the Doubles games surprisingly

We were whitewashed again in the Return leg against The Shepherds of Houghton Le Spring on Sunday night. I was unable to attend due to a prior arrangement. Ronnie Scheu from their team very sportingly took my place and was trying hard for our cause by all accounts.

Still not a single point for us from the eleven on offer, but Peter McLean from our team scored a 180, and Micheal forced a deciding leg in a "best of three" Singles match, and I'm afraid that is the sum total we could manage against another very strong display from The Shepherds.

I hope Paul from their team can keep us posted with their progress in this cup competition. I'd be disappointed if they didn't make the finals at least. They have made a real impression on us.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tommo. Shame you couldn't be there Sunday. Had a really good night Sunday and I will endeavour to drop into the blog and have a look at your progress over the coming months. Thank you for the kind words. It was actually Ronnie Scheu that filled in for you.

The good news is that we have apparently qualified for the regional finals up at Gosforth, September 10th. The bad news for me is that it clashes with the first county game of the season and, assuming I'm selected, I couldn't be much further away - St Austell Cornwall!

World of Darts, who run these comps, have a nasty habit of clashing dates with county games as they are a PDC organisation. However hopefully my team mates will see us through.

First Super League fixture of the season Wed 17th Aug and my team, Easington Colliery Club, are at home to Blackhill Coms so will be bumping into some mutual friends - Dave Gill, Nev Reed, Chris Chivers, Dave Brown and Timmy Richardson to name but a few.

Happy darting!


Tommo said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the news and such a shame the cup will continue clashing with County games. Thanks to Ronnie too, and I've corrected his name on the post.

I'll keep an eye out for you when you play at Blackhill - It'd be a good night up there and I'd enjoy watching the games. If you know the date of the return please post it.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Blackhill away is 4th January. Leadgate Club away is 30th November and Delves Lane Vic away is 18th January.

All in a similar sort of area.



Deb said...


Tommo said...

Hi Paul > The one in January at Blackhill sounds good and I've got it diaried. Good darts and Sam Smiths Best Bitter are too good to miss.

Deb > WTF ! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hello Tommo

Update on Shepherds progress. My colleagues succeeded in qualifying for the finals of the Punch Taverns competition in my absence, as I had hoped. Finals take place on 22nd October down near Coventry, I am told. And it doesn't clash with anything. Yes!

We had to come through a group of 3 teams who played each other on a round robin basis. As I understand it, we beat a Tyne and Wear team 11-0 then only needed 4 points in the second game against a team from Seaham which were gathered pretty quickly.

Victory tinged with sadness for the boys though as big Lawrence Bell passed away suddenly the other day. Lawrence played both legs against the Chelmsford and was my doubles partner through at the Chelmsford. See our Friday Website as follows:


Lawrence is on the right in the picture. He will be missed not least by me.

County lost 21-15 down at Cornwall - some trek that - but I won my game so worthwhile in a way.

Happy Darting


Tommo said...

Hi Paul, that is terrible news regarding Lawrence and I am so sorry to hear it.

I'm so pleased you made made the finals though. You were so far ahead of us on our games and I had the feeling you were a competition winning team.

Give our congratulations to the team and please keep in touch regarding the big night in Coventry. Did you mention what the prize was this year? Let's hope you guys get another Vegas type trip come the 22nd!