Monday, August 01, 2011

Punch Darts Classic 2011 Round 3 North

Alan (left) collects the Player Of The Season trophy

We were very convincingly whitewashed 0-11 last night by an excellent Sheperds team from Houghton Le Spring. Their scoring was high (averaging over 100 per throw including the finish in one of the 701 legs) and their finishing rarely took more than one visit to the board. In most of the legs we were too far behind to put any pressure whatsoever on their finishes. One 88 finish was picked off in two darts (T16, D20) and was typical of their accuracy.

So, outclassed and we never had a sniff of a point all night. Kris probably came the closest by forcing a "best of three" Singles game into a deciding leg, but that was it for us!

Regards to Paul from their team who mentioned he had seen this blog prior to the match. I noticed he took a T20 route on a 101 finish, again because there was so little pressure there was no need to take the T17 route. The return leg is next week and I have no idea what sort of odds you'd get on us whitewashing them to force a play off. National Lottery type odds spring to mind.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tommo.
Firstly on behalf of the Shepherds team and supporters, thank you for your hospitality on Sunday and compliments to the chef. Enjoyed the night. The Chelmsford has a fabulous throw, commented on by a number of the team. The Shepherds have an experienced (read old) team. While I am the only current county player in the team many of my teammates have been there in the (distant) past. As a team, we have been together in some shape or form since 2001 when we won a national competition run by Pubmaster and went to Las Vegas. The competition included quizzes, dominoes and shove ha'penny. We found we were quite good at quizzes! Look forward to next Sunday. See you at Hetton.

Paul Clark.

Tommo said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the info and kind words regarding the night. Our lot will be looking forward to seeing you up at your place on Sunday and we'll use it as a chance to pit ourselves against what I can quite honestly say is the toughest challenge we've faced as a team since my time with them. An opportunity for us then :o)