Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Moorcock "A" Team 3 - 7 Chelmsford

A 90 finish on the practice board

We didn't have a darts game last Tuesday due to the Dominoes Doubles Cup, where sadly none of us made it through to the next round. We've got some decent dominoes players in the team so it was a real disappointment to come away with nothing other than the usual good night up at the Jolly Drovers.

Last night it was back to the darts league, and despite a slow start in a game which rarely hit any heights we were able to win the game by taking the final four Singles points of the night.

They've got an authentic old fashioned country pub up there with a decent Blade III board, but none of us found it a comfortable throw for some reason. We'd better get used to it because we play their "B" team back there again soon.

There was some real competition for the Man Of The Match award this week, as three of our players sunk two winning doubles each (Peter, Alan, and Micheal). The award goes to Alan however, with his solid 76 finish in his Singles game (S20, S16, D20). He also finished the awful X1 I left him in the team game, which was a huge relief to me.


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Tommo said...

Hi Lenny, good to hear from you. Your blog has started off realy well and I've added your link. All the best.