Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Turf 1 - 9 Chelmsford

Practising in The Mad House

Three consecutive 9-1 wins are really going to help us in the league placings, so no complaints with the result. However, it was quite a slow paced game up at The Turf on Consett's Front Street and neither team got into any sustained rhythm.

We scored well in the opening Team Game and our Doubles games were reasonable, but a few of the Singles games were slightly low key, and there were at the very least 2 more points in this game for The Turf but for poor finishing.

The Consett League were playing next door in the main bar, and we had the Lounge which faces the main road to ourselves. Their board is an excellent Unicorn Eclipse Pro, but it could do with turning as the 20 bed is quite worn. The only bounce outs seemed to be darts slapping the board after a deflection and I really think this is the board to get if you want to minimise bounce outs.

Our Man Of The Match was Alan, who again hit three of our finishing doubles.

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