Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shotley Bridge CC 3rd Annual Beer Festival 1010

We had a great Saturday, enjoying a very well organised Beer Festival down the road at Shotley Bridge Cricket Club. There were an impressive 46 ales on offer, with the vast majority of these being priced at £1 a half. The super strength ones were £2 a half, but I never bother with these in case I need the use of my legs later on.

The stand-out ale for me was Village Idiot 4.1% from White Horse Brewery. I said to Deb that it was quite ironic for me to drink a beer with such a name, but she observed it was even more ironic that I had earlier drank The Stud 4.3% :o)

My five favourites are pictured on the left. In the coming season there will be special shout-outs for any bar which serves a cask conditioned ale. Its always a nice touch when a bar gives you something new to try rather than just the usual suspects.

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