Sunday, July 25, 2010

Close Season

Peter (Left) collects the Player Of The Season Trophy

There's not a great deal happening at the moment. Finishing School has been running and has been quite a success. There are usually around five people taking part, and Kris is keeping track of all the points on the night.

It is a real challenge to finish the scores in just three darts, and there are a few different approaches which don't always adhere to the recognised outshots. I'll give you an example: on 65 you may choose the T17 route to leave D7. This would be a stupid way to go in a game of 501, but splitting an uneven double doesn't matter in Finishing School where there is no second throw, and hitting the S17 leaves 48 which gives an almost guaranteed shot at a familiar double (D16/D20) when you aim for the wire between S16 and S8.

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