Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Moorcock "A" Team 2 - 8 Chelmsford

We got off to a very good start in the opening 1001X Team game, and it seemed The Moorcock team couldn't get into their stride. This meant they didn't apply as much pressure as possible, and in several of the games we got down to the finish first and were then making sure that we didn't spoil the doubles.

Man Of The Match was Micky B. In his Doubles game he scored three consecutive 100+ shots, and he also hung in well to win a Singles point where the finishing was causing both players problems.

The Morcock is a great traditional pub up in the moors of Waskerley. They had a well stoked open fire and some superb Black Sheep on cask. It's a really good pub to play darts in.


Anonymous said...

Come to the Bisely in Blaydon, lovely local pub for local people. There are no toilet doors or peanuts but all drinks come with a complimentary floater lol xx

Tommo said...

Great, a Legue Of Gentleman reference on the blog! I'll try and work another one in for next Tuesday's match report :o)

Anonymous said...

just jay here we won 8.2 and i was only 1 to win doms

Anonymous said...

2 - 0

Tommo said...

Hey, Mr One Win, erm I mean Mr One Dart. One word : Tourist :o)

I think a full season would find you out :o)