Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cup "Doubles" Night

Roger and I squeezed into the next round of the League's "Doubles" competition last night. I don't yet know the results from the rest of our team's games, as things ran a little late for us up at The Coach and Horses. It was midnight as Roger and I played the final game of the evening so I'm realy pleased we managed to get a result.

I love the throw at The Coach and Horses. It has a raised oche, good lighting, and no distractions in the line of sight. Unfortunately the board itself is a little dificult to play on. The large, rounded wires caused numerous bounce-outs for all players, and some of mine were landing behind me. I think if they get a Blade III or an Eclipse it would really help the players.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, go Tommo, go Tommo ( and Rog, obviously )!

Tommo said...