Friday, December 25, 2009

Darts Corner Catalogue 2010

I've just received the new Darts Corner Catalogue for 2010 and the stock they carry is amazing. I've used their web site before but because I was just searching for the specific items I was interested in I didn't appreciate their full range. For example, I didn't even know that those "real feather" flights were still freely available, but at Darts Corner you get a choice of shape, colour, and 2BA / Qtr Inch threads. Here's an example.

One slight thing they may want to improve upon is to give bulk discounts for flights and stems, because I can't see any sliding scale costs based on quantities as you get with Tommy's Darts, and 10 of my favourite Ruthless R4X flights look a little more expensive with DC than with TD. If I were to order 50 sets it would be a 30% difference unless there is a bulk discount I can't find in the catalogue?

This is a very minor point though, and their product range matches anything I've seen. All of those odd little hard to find things are covered in their catalogue - in detail and with choices. Also, they were one the first companies I noticed to print the specific dimensions of the darts rather than just the weight and tungsten ratio. They handled my last order well and I'll definitely use them again.
Try search words of "shirt" and "trophy" on their site as two quick examples of what they offer, and then try the same search words on other sites. It's the same for those hard to find things I mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, If your at the doms doubles at the Jollies on Tuesday night, I'd appreciate a look at the darts corner catalogue. I'm always on the look out for different patterned flights (in the standard style) but can't find anything I really like from Tommys or Red Dragon. Cheers Alan (Derwentside)

Tommo said...

Good to hear from you again Alan. I'll do my best to bring it if that's my venue. In the meantime, because I know you may favour sky blue flights, you get 132 appropriate results if you search on "blue flights" on their site, so I'm sure you'll find something. Use the "Quick Find" Search box at the top right of the Home page

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Actually I'm using black dimplex ones and R4X ones at the minute, the extra thick fabric ones I have don't fit in to the aluminium stems I've switched to. Received the new red dragon catalogue a couple of days ago. Quite a few new things in there including a set of " diamond fusion" ? darts costing £79.90, although you do get an aluminium case with them. Bit pricey for me, Cheers Alan

Tommo said...

Hi Alan. Agreed, I can't use R4X with aluminium stems because if you do manage to jam them in they won't "popcorn" when you need them to and it'll just be a dropped dart. They work well with nylon stems though.

Yeah I must say £80 is far more than I'd pay. Their site says "Thousands of diamonds are fused to the barrel to provide the perfect unbeatable non-slip grip that performs amazingly wet or dry." The thing is, diamond chips of that size really don't cost that much, so for me this doesn't justify them being double the price I'd pay for replacement darts. Also, the "Phil Taylor Unicorn - World Champion Black Titanium" darts are virtually identical to the Unicorn Hero that I use but they are almost double the price, so I think gimmickery comes at a cost. That black finish would wear off just like the other titanium coatings do.