Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Shirt from Rags

I ordered a darts shirt from Rags on 10th October and just 11 days later it arrived all the way from the USA.

It's a good quality cotton polo shirt with nothing on the front but this brilliant design on the back. The sizing seems to be the same as the UK, with the XL version pictured giving just that little bit of freedom for the throwing arm.

Check out the great designs here and you can expect slick and efficient service from the Cafepress people who handle the orders.


Rags said...

Lookin' sharp Tommo, go get em' in Barbados!

Tommo said...

The shirt's great Rags, and thanks again!I'll definately wear it on the tour :o)

Anonymous said...

Cafe Press has an amazing assortment of things. Nice shirt Tommo!