Saturday, June 20, 2009

Personal Stats 2008/9

The past 4 Seasons' Stats

My personal win rate continued to improve in the season just gone, and I'm really pleased with the increase in both Doubles and Singles games wins.

I just felt generally more relaxed when playing, and even when I took a bashing (for example against Davey Gill in the Singles Cup - my 60 / 59 / 45 shots were no good against his constant 100+'s) I felt good and wanted to keep on playing. This is a big difference from previous seasons where I became discouraged too easily.

DartPro Practice Stats

I think practising a bit less has helped, as sometimes when I was practising several times a week it all became a bit of a slog, and by the time Tuesday night came along I wasn't enjoying the game as much.

The practice stats are far more constant however. Each of those orange bars represents a month's average 501 SS/DF and there's no improvement there. Just a strange pattern of peaks and troughs.

I can only conclude what we all know already : There's no substitute to playing competitively, and practice is just an opportunity to experiment with equipment, stance, and finishes. Its nice to be able to swear loudly in the house too - I'd be thrown out of the pub if I chuntered on like I do on the practice board.

Finals Night again showed the standard required. 15 and 18 dart finishes are very rare from me, but they were the standard currency from all of them last Tuesday.


Rags said...

Keep up the good darts!

Tommo said...

Cheers Rags. I'm having a good practice tonight despite all that anti practice blurb!

Anonymous said...

good arrows tommo from ryan

Official PRO Sports Darts said...

We know exactly what you mean about practicing too much you should have breaks or at least mentally give you body and mind a break. Rest and relaxation in darts will allow your performance plateaus to be less. But it looks like you are on your way to a fantastic dart player in all realms.

Tommo said...

Thanks to Official Pro Sport for dropping by the blog - really nice to get a visit from you and thanks for the advice.