Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chelmsford 2 - 8 Shotley Club

River Derwent, Ebchester [credit]

This was a very comprehensive and disappointing defeat for us, but we actually played a better game than in the Away leg last week. SC raised their game too though, and they were on great form.

We actually won the opening team game with Alan P finishing on 70 with his last two darts (T20, D5). From that point onwards though we didn't win another game until Willie R continued his run of great performances to snatch a Singles point. Any neutral would say the overall result was correct though.

I was a bit stunned by the emphatic nature of the defeat, but I can honestly say I played above my normal standard. This was just a reminder that there are some very strong teams in this League, and when you get a chance to take points (i.e. against them in last week's game) you've got to take them.

Footnote : We had a team practice night last night to try and get us back on the right track. 501 legs and "Golf" like we used to play a couple of years ago. Maybe my "no practice" approach only works when things are going well, and I'll hit the practice board tonight.

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