Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Too Many" on a 72 finish

I mentioned in the previous post I avoid finishes that can "bust" if the first dart is wayward, but I noticed Bobby George took this to a higher level while commenting on the World Masters Darts today.

For a 72 finish he avoids my favoured T12 route as if you're left with 60 after the first dart you can bust it while aiming for a S20 to leave D20. It's a fair point, especially after seeing this happen on the stage today.

So I've had a bit of a rethink about a finish which was previously a reflex. The T20 approach must also be ruled out, as with 52 remaining you'd have the same problem on the S20. By illimination this just leaves the T16 route : Getting the treble leaves D12, but the single would leave 56. Again, I'd avoid S20 for the afforementioned reason and go S16 to leave D20 where an unwanted treble would still leave a nice D4.

This is hard to follow, isn't it? I bet I just go T12 next time I'm on 72 :o)


Anonymous said...

that is probaly a better way to go for tommo

can u rememver me going for bull on 82 as if u hit 25 it still leaves s17 and tops


Tommo said...

Hi Jay. On the televised games today I noticed the camera closed in on 16's on a 72 finish but the player went another way and made a real mess of it.

I always go 14's on 82 as missing the trebles can leave a favourite 2 darter of 48.

Anonymous said...

u mean 68 tommo as 14 off 82 is 68 lol


Tommo said...

I said trebles plural! When you have 68 left you'd go for T20 (?), and missing that would leave the 48.

Tommo said...

Must admit 68 with just two darts in your hand should be 18's to be sure of a pot at the bull though :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey simon, les here any news on the barbados darts

Kevin said...

I also eventually settled on the T16 route for 72 out. That T20 is like a magnet when you have 60 left with two darts!

Tommo said...

Kevin : I bet I forget all about this when the pressure is on and just go with the 12's. It might be good to see how 10 finishes at the 3 options work out for me in practice.

Les : Nannette Brooks from T&T e-mailed me the other day. No news yet on the date, but I'll know as soon as they announce it and post it here. I think it'll be a really expensive trip with such a weak pound, but I'm determined to do it in 2009.

Magnus said...

Don't count out T20 for the 72 finish!
S20 leave you 52 with the option of S12 for D20 or T12 for D8!
With 52 left S20 D16 is a big nono unless you're a pro because of the busting possibility.
S12 D20 or even S16 D18 are better options!
However, personally on 72 I prefer T16 D12 because S16 leaves 56 which is another S16 D20, or at worst T16 D8!