Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chelmsford 7 - 3 Stanley Masons

Picture from last week's Away game

We carried a bit of good luck in last night's game, with several wayward shots finding their way into D20 and T12 etc. Mark H even scored a lucky ton with two unintentional D20s. Apart from that he played a strong game though, leading the way in the Team Game and carrying me in our doubles game.

Dawn from their team will be sick of the sight of me after four games against me in three weeks in Singles, Doubles, and Cup. There were many similarities to last week's game.

We're still quite low in the league table, but these 14 points in the last fortnight should see us moving in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

good result tommo

we beat coach and horses 6.4 away but were 5.0 up i won all my games but i wasnt that good.

i got recalled for doms as well and won my game 3.0 the team won 4.1


Tommo said...

Hi Jay - my reply from the other night didn't work : Good to see you making their team and I hope the wins keep you there.