Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chelmsford 6 - 4 The Turf

Pictured : On my wish list - the John Part Unicorn "Hero Golden" 95%

Most of the players from both teams "upped" their games from last week, and this resulted in a very close match where all of games went right to the wire. The Turf brought good support with them which made for a great atmosphere.

Sadly for us our newest player Kris has switched job and wasn't there. He's now working up at Slaley Hall and is unlikely to make many more appearances for us. On the other hand our old stalwart Chris picked up the darts for his first game during my time with the team, and he played a very strong game despite losing his Singles game.

I personally had a few problems score building, but my finishing was good. I never seem to get both aspects together these days.

A very enjoyable evening and I'll be watching for The Turf in the League, as I think they'll pick up a lot of points and do well this season.


Anonymous said...

It looks like another good year for Chelmsford Tommo. I like the pictures of 3x D20. I have actually seen a guy take out 120 like that!

Tommo said...

Cheers Kevin - I think we can match last season's progress. I've done some good trick shots on the doubles during practice recently, but you always want just the one when it matters :o)